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1995-1990 Annual Symposia

1994 Biennial Biotechnology Symposium, September 24th

Guest Speakers:

Toni Voelker, CALGENE, Inc., “Of Fats and Oils: Engineering of Fatty Acid Production in Plants”

Ganesh Kishore, Monsanto, “Plant Biotechnology – Commercial Candidates and New Products in Development”

Scott Uknes, Ciba-Geigy Corporation, “Methods for the Development of Disease Resistant Plants”

Roger Beachy, The Scripps Research Institute, “Transgenes that Control Infection and Spread of Viruses in Plants”

1992 Biennial Biotechnology Symposium, October 10th

Guest Speakers:

Michael Smith, University of British Columbia, “Oligonucleotides: The Impact of Synthetic Chemistry on Biology”

Steven Fodor, Affymetrix, “Photolithography, Chemistry and Biological Recognition”

Jim Wells, Genentech, Inc., “Molecular Basis of Human Growth Hormone Action”

Leroy Hood, University of Washington School of Medicine, “Biotechnology and the Human Genome Project”

1990 Biennial Biotechnology Symposium: Practice and Promise, October 13th

Guest Speakers:

Clarence A. Ryan, Jr., Washington State University, “Plant Defense Genes: From Basic Science to Practical Applications”

Neil Ivory, Washington State University, “New Purification Technologies for Proteins: A Chemical Engineering Approach”

Michael S. Urdea, Chiron Corp., “Life in a Biotechnology Firm: The Experiences of a WSU Graduate”

Marvin Gorman, Oncogen, “Biotechnology: Mixing Science and Business”

Robert T. Abbott, NeoRx Corp., “Biotechnology in the State of Washington: Preparing for the Future”