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2010-2006 Annual Symposia

2010 Symposium Flyer

2010 Annual Symposium: Green Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Joseph Kosmoski, New Sky Energy, Inc.

Dr. Michael Wilkins, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

Dr. Daniel Crunkleton, University of Tulsa

Dr. Nii Patterson, Metabolix

2009 Symposium Flyer

2009 Annual Symposium: WSU NIH Protein Biotechnology Training Program

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Chandra Kilburn, Gallo Wineries

Dr. Theo Sana, Agilent Metabolomics

Dr. Jay Shockey, USDA New Orleans

Dr. John Olerud, University of Washington

2008 Symposium Flyer

2008 Annual Symposium: Biotechnology: Redefining Tomorrow

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jeffrey Whiteaker, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Early Detection Initiative

Dr. Cheryl Baird, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

Dr. William Wood, J.D., Gates & Cooper LLP

2007 Symposium Flyer

2007 Annual Symposium: Careers in Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Michael Lassner, Pioneer-Hi-Bred

Nancy Kendrick, Kendrick Labs, Inc

Charles Bue, Abbott Labs

Robert Bogden, Amplicon Express

2006 Symposium Flyer

2006 Annual Symposium: Bioproduct Discovery, Development and Approval

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Dan Erlanson, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, South San Francisco, CA “Fragment-based Drug Discovery”

Dr. Sanjay Khandekar, GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, PA “Profiling Protein Kinases with Activity-Based Probes”

Dr. Colin Mitchinson, Genencor, Palo Alto, CA “Improved Cellulases for Ligno-Cellulosic Conversion”

Terri L. Dodds, FDA, Seattle, WA “Drug Inspections of Active and Finished Pharmaceutical Manufacturers”