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2015-2011 Annual Symposia

2015 Symposium Poster

2015 Annual Symposium: Genetic Engineering

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Michael NeffWSU “Transgenic Crops – The Methods, Pros and Cons of GMOs and Biotechnology”

Dr. Dana CarrollUniversity of Utah “CRIPSR/Cas9”

Dr. James MurrayUC Davis “Genetically Engineered Animals: Where Do We Go from Here?”

Dr. Gemma RegueraMichigan State University “Engineered Biofilms for Bioremediation”

Dr. John AitchisonCenter for Infectious Disease Research “Systems Biology and Applications in Infectious Disease”

2014 symposium flyer

2014 Annual Symposium: Northwest Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Tyson KoepkePhytelligence “Growing a Plant Biotech Startup into a Company”

Dr. Damian Carrieri, Matrix Genetics “Enhanced Photosynthetic Productivity in Oil-producing Cyanobacteria”

Dr. Dennis Hruby, SIGA Technologies “Antiviral Drug Development: A Case Study – ST-246, a Smallpox Antiviral”

Dr. Janis Weeks, NemaMetrix “From Neuroscience to Africa to Nanotechnology: What a Long Strange Trip”

2013 Symposium Poster

2013 Annual Symposium: Regenerative Medicine

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Glen PrestwichUniversity of Utah “From Organic Chemistry to Regenerative Medicine: Realizing the Promise of Translational Research.”

Dr. Gail NaughtonHistogen “Use of Hypoxia Induced Embryonic-like Proteins in Regenerative Medicine.”

Dr. Wouter Van’t HofAthersys “Producing Appropriate Bioactive Protein Profiles in Response to Extracellular Cues; Examples from (non)Clinical Studies with MultiStem.”

Dr. Charles MurryUniversity of Washington “Regenerating the Heart.”

Dr. Mickey UrdeaTethys Bioscience “The PreDx Diabetes Risk Score: a Blood Test for Managing Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.”

2012 symposium flyer

2012 Annual Symposium: Cougs in Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Brandon Placek, Idaho State University Research Area: Chromatin dynamics during HSV infection.

Dr. Jennifer Adair, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Research Area: Clinical applications of gene therapy.

Dr. Tracy Letain, AquaBella Organic Solutions Research Area: Bioenzyme water treatment.

Dr. Grant Norton, WSU Research Area: The use of nanotechnology in biocatalysis.

Dr. Kyle Armantrout, Focus Diagnostics Research Area: Infectious disease testing services.

2011 symposium flyer

2011 Annual Symposium: Medical Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Robert Lyon, Seattle Genetics Research Area: Antibody engineering, antibody-drug conjugate technologies.

Dr. David Albertini, University of Kansas Medical Center at Kansas City Research Area: Fertility Treatment, assisted reproductive technologies.

Dr. Jim Weber, Prevention Genetics Research Area: Clinical DNA testing, DNA banking, and research genotyping.

Dr. William H. Velander,University of Nebraska, Lincoln Research Area: Tissue Engineering – Protein C, AHF VIII & IX, fibrinogen.

Scott Maloney, M.B.A., Pfizer Area: Business side of Medical Biotechnology.