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Program Outcomes

Average time to degree: The average time to degree for BTP trainees is 5.1 years.

Percentage of students who successfully attain a PhD: Of the 114 trainees participating in the BTP over the last 10 years, 41 have completed their PhDs (success rate of 62.1%, with 21 taking MS degrees, 4 with no degree) and 41 are currently in progress toward their PhDs.  Not included in this calculation are students who left the program due to medical issues, academic deficiency, or are currently on leave of absence from WSU.

Average number of publications per student among those who attain a PhD: On average, BTP trainees who have attained their PhD degrees have published 4.18 papers and are first authors on 2.48 papers based on their dissertation work.

Percentage of URMs and students with disabilities who successfully attain a PhD: In the history of our Training Program, 7 out of 14 (50%) past URM trainees have completed their PhDs (another 6 completed MS degrees and one left with no degree).  2 out of 2 (100%) of our previous trainees with disabilities have completed their PhDs.  Currently we have 13 out of 41 (31.7%) trainees working towards their PhDs that are under-represented minorities or trainees with disabilities who bring diversity to our Training Program.

Career Placement Data

The pie chart shows the career outcomes for 41 PhD students from the last 10 years of the WSU BTP. It shows who earned their PhD went on to work in biotech companies (32%), begin post-doc research (22%), or are currently looking for work (12%).