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Our People

Executive Steering Committee

John Peters chemistry and biochemistry.
MSU photo by Kelly Gorham.
Director, Member of the Executive Steering Committee (ESC):
John Peters

Department: Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC)

Phone: (509) 335-3412

Cliff Berkman
Member of the ESC:
Cliff Berkman

Department: Chemistry

Office: Fulmer 477

Phone: (509): 5-7613

Alla Kostyukova
Member of ESC:
Alla Kostuyokova

Department: Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Office: Wegner 340D

Phone: (509): 335-1888

Member of the ESC:
Steven Roberts

Department: School of Molecular Biosciences

Office: BLS 335

Phone: (509): 335-4934

Douglas Call
Member of the ESC:
Douglas Call

Department: Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health (SGAH)

Office: Allen SGAH 331

Phone: (509): 5-6313

Michael L. Kahn
Member of the ESC:

Mike Kahn

Department: Institute of Biological Chemistry, 

Office: Clark 203

Phone: (509): 335-8327

Program Administrator

Program Administrator:

Matt Peck

Office: 211A Hulbert Hall

Phone: (509): 335-3864

Other People