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The NIH Biotechnology Training Program provides internship opportunities for trainees to spend several months conducting research at many biotechnology firms or private laboratories.

Usually these internships will be linked to a collaboration between the trainee’s mentor at WSU and a particular laboratory in a biotechnology firm. The collaboration may also be initiated as the result of the trainee’s own efforts.

Securing Program Approval for an Internship

As specified in the Trainee and Program Guidelines, all internships must be approved in advance by the Training Program Director to qualify as the student’s official internship in satisfaction of Program requirements. Furthermore, an internship must be a minimum of 8 weeks in duration to qualify. The student and trainee must fill out an internship approval form (pdf), obtain the required signatures, and submit the form all at least 2 weeks before the internship is planned to start. And as always, sooner is better!

Resources for Finding an Internship

Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA) is an independent, non-profit trade association serving the life sciences industry in the state of Washington. Their members include organizations engaged in, or supportive of, research, development and commercialization of life science technologies. They maintain a list of internship programs put on by membership organizations, which is available at the above link.

From WSU

Additionally, the Academic Success and Career Center at WSU gave a presentation on career and internship searches which may be useful, found at the following link: ASCC Internships and Career Search (pptx)

Other Useful links

This post from Novoresume includes advice on constructing resumes, writing cover letters, contacting companies, and preparing for interviews for internships.

Biotechnology Firms

These have provided internships to past or current trainees.