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2005-2001 Annual Symposia

2005 Symposium: Careers in Biotechnology

2005 Annual Symposium: Careers in Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Mickey Urdea, C.E.O. Tethys Bioscience, Inc.

Dr. V. Bryan Lawlis, Aradigm Corporation

Dr. Bob Bridenbaugh, Bridenbaugh Consulting

Dr. Stuart Gallant, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

2004 Poster Session Flyer

2004: NIH Biotechnology Student Poster Session

NIH Protein Biotechnology Training Program: Student Poster Session

Fall 2003 Symposium Flyer

Fall 2003 Annual  Symposium: Bioterrorism: Threats and Prevention

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Stephen A. Morse and Dr. John V. Barson, Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Spring 2003 Symposium Flyer

Spring 2003 Annual Symposium: Advances in Cloning Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jim Hartley, Science Applications International Corporation,“Adventures in Cloning and Protein Expression”

Dr. Oliver A. Ryder, Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species,“Cloning Endangered Species”

Dr. Harry Meade, GTC Biotherapeutics, “Producting Pharmaceuticals in the Milk of Transgenic Animals”

Dr. Maurice Maloney, University of Calgary,“Production of Proteins in Plants”

Dr. Ann Gibbons, University of Guelph,“Avian Transgenesis – Approaches to Gene Targeting”

2002 Symposium Flyer

2002 – 1st Annual Fall Keynote Address: Sorting Out the Risks and Benefits of Plant Biotechnology

Guest Speaker:

Dr. R. James Cook, Washington State University

2002 Symposium Flyer

2002 Annual Symposium: Careers in Biotechnology

Guest Speakers:

Paul Bishop, Zymogenetics,“Research& Development Careers and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”

Mark Collard, University of London,“Forensic Anthropology”

Saralynn Mandel, Adriano and Mandel,“Practicing Patent Law in the 21st Century and Remaining Sane”

Kevin Ahern, OSU,“Dancing Down the Digital Divide: The Challenge for Scientific Communicators”

Robert Gaensslen, University of Illinois,“Biotechnology in the Forensic Science Laboratory – Applications, Hype, Reality, and Potential Career Tracks”

Dana Scott, DVM OTSG,“Principles of Biological Warfare”

2001 Annual Symposium: Technology in Protein Engineering, April 14th

Guest Speakers:

Joel Cherry, Novozymes Biotech, “Industrial Enzymes: The Biotech Path to Green Chemistry”

Nathanial David, Syrrx, Inc., “Leveraging High Through-Put Structure Determination in Drug Discovery”

Jeremy Minshull, Maxygen Incorporated, “Protein Directed Evolution”

Henry Lowman, Genentech, “Structure-guided Optimization of Therapeutic Antibodies”

Christopher Murray, Genencor, “High Throughput Screening”